Ring of Random Resurrection

Over the next few weeks I will be posting my favorite home brew magic items. Like Bilbo’s magic ring, a lot of them have great benefits but are cursed. This means the player cannot take them off once he puts them on, without a long quest to some powerful wizard.

I’m starting with the ring of Resurrection because it’s my favorite. I put this in my last blog post about what do do when a hero dies but I’m repeating it here because it got buried at the bottom of another subject.

So here it is again, the Ring of Random Resurrection. It’s a way of keepingĀ  bringing back young players’ characters if they over extend themselves.

Like most of my good magic items it is cursed so you take the good with the bad. GM’d correctly this is more fun for the player than a regular magic item. It makes them special and ensures that a fair chunk of the story revolves around them. That’s often hard to do with the youngest player.

The Ring of Random Resurrection
(Major Cursed Item)

Once placed on a humanoid’s finger, the ring cannot be removed. Every nigh, the player dies (if not already dead) and is reborn the next day in a new body. Every morning, roll d20 on the chart below (or make up your own chart and roll whatever dice you use in whatever game you play), and select a race for your character to be. Word of advice: remove your armor and any other restrictive clothing before sleeping. (I’ve styled the table below to D&D but you can use any game you like).

Roll Race Stats
1-2 GM Chooses
3 Elf +2 Charisma
4 Dwarf +2 Constitution
5 Human +2 Intelligence
6 Orc +2 Strength
7 Drow +2 Dexterity
8 Goblin -2 Charisma
9-11 Keep original race and stats
12 Ogre +4 Constitution -2 Wisdom
13 Hill Giant +4 Strength, -2 Intelligence
14 Eagle Flight, can’t carry/use gear
15 Brain Muncher Psychic Powers, +4 Intelligence
16 Bugbear +2 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
18 Dragon Awesome!!
19-20 Player Chooses