Minecraft Spider Queen

I will blog about Minecraft at length later. It is an awesome game. The graphics are a bit choppy but once you get past that you’ll see it has two things other video games don’t.

Minecraft Spider Queen1. There is no objective. Sounds like a flaw, right? Most video games lead you from one adventure to the next, doing exactly what everyone else who has played the game has done. In the Minecraft world you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want. There’s no way to win, but there’s no way to lose either. The ultimate chill game.

2. It requires creativity. Minecraft is a lot like Lego without the instructions. In it you play a guy in a world where every block of the world can be removed and reassembled. You can dig up the ground and build it up into a castle, or dig to the center of the earth and make a lake of lava. It takes a lot of time and patience, unless you get addicted, in which case it only takes time.

So, as I said, there’s lots to talk about and the boys and I play lots (though we stick to our half hour per day rule for screens).

Another neat thing about the game is that it’s open source so other programmers write add-ons called mods for the game. My son showed me one today for the Spider Queen. For people familiar with Minecraft this will be cool. For people who have never played, you probably won’t get why such a low-res looking game is appealing. Wait till you’re addicted then you’ll know.